Windows 10 正式版发布有一段时间了,小伙伴们在使用中是否发现 Windows 10 无法正常访问 FreeNAS 的 CIFS 共享呢?这篇文章就告诉大家如何解决这个问题。


在Windows 10网络中,能够看到FreeNAS主机。

双击FreeNAS主机弹出错误提示“\freenas 无法访问。你可能没有权限使用网路资源。请与这台服务器的管理员联系以查明你是否有访问权限。此账户并未得到从这个工作站登陆的授权”



The security change is intended to address a weakness when using guest access. While the server may be fine not distinguishing among clients for files (and, you can imagine in the home scenario that it doesn’t matter to you which of your family members is looking at the shared folder of pictures from your last vacation), this can actually put you at risk elsewhere. Without an account and password, the client doesn’t end up with a secure connection to the server. A malicious server can put itself in the middle (also known as the Man-In-The-Middle attack), and trick the client into sending files or accepting malicious data. This is not necessarily a big concern in your home, but can be an issue when you take your laptop to your local coffee shop and someone there is lurking, ready to compromise your automatic connections to a server that you can’t verify. Or when your child goes back to the dorm at the university. The change we made removes the ability to connect to NAS devices with guest access, but the error message which is shown in build 9926 does not clearly explain what happened. We are working on a better experience for the final product which will help people who are in this situation.





使用快捷键(win + R)打开运行窗口,输入regedit。


依次找到 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters

右键点击 **Parameters **,弹出菜单中选择 **新建 **→ DWORD (32位) 值


新建项命名为 AllowInsecureGuestAuth ,将该项的值设置为** 1**。**

你现在已经可以访问CIFS匿名共享了,如果系统弹出登录对话框,用户名随便输入 everyone 或 nobody ,密码留空,登录即可!

**备注:**如果经过上述设置仍旧无法访问 CIFS 共享,请检查Windows 10是否设置了用户密码,空密码用户是无法访问CIFS共享的。如果设置了密码仍旧无法访问,请在下方给我们留言。