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  • Emby is a free and open source personal media server. It is built with a number of other popular open source technologies.

    Emby has two distinct parts:

    • Server — Store your media library in a central place
    • Apps — Players that play back media from the Server

    A fully-functioning Emby system needs both a Server and at least one App. The Server includes the Emby web app which is used to manage the Server and your media library. The web app also includes a media player so a minimal installation could be just the server, but most people will want to install apps on other devices around their home.

    Emby identifies your media according to folder structure, file name, and the type of library to which it is assigned. Once identified, Emby downloads information like posters, descriptions, and ratings that make media selection a rich experience. The requirements for organizing and naming files are quite flexible, but will require some basic structure.

    The general recommendations are:

    • Separate media into appropriate folders (e.g., Movies in a “Movies” folder, TV shows in a “TV Shows” folder, music in a “Music” folder, photos in a “Photos” folder, etc.)
    • Movies should be named as “Name (Year).exe”, for example “Brave (2012).mp4”
    • TV shows should include season and episode numbers in the name, and be stored in separate folders per show. For example: “TVHomelandHomeland s01e01.mp4”
    • Music should be stored within artist and album folders, such as “MusicArtistAlbumtracks”
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