ChangeLog 37fa36f In the process of fixing up the key stuff, my OCD started to twitch at the sheer profusion of ways in which we execute scripts. Sometimes with any shell in the path, sometimes with /bin/sh explicitly (better), sometimes with no shell at all, hoping that nobody has smashed the execute permissions on the scripts in the repo. It makes no functional difference, but GAH. Make them all THE SAME. My OCD feels better now. Thank you for listening. Same time next Wednesday? 89479ef Additional changes to support up-front key values cc59f8f Gah, what is this, python? Fix smashed tab that got converted to spaces (sigh) 0d1c21a Make this slightly less obnoxiously interactive. b96ddc9 Remove dead SSL model code. ee82243 God, I suck. Not CHANGLOG, CHANGELOG!!! 5843eb2 Add the USB serial module 53c2a12 Add python module needed for telemetry. db7542b Add the toecore module back to the build.