ChangeLog #6825 Bug Normal Previous Versions not working completely while FreeNAS machine is a member of Active Directory through Directory Services #7823 Bug Low Boot device appears in main storage pool disk status #7995 Bug Normal Add training URL to FreeNAS userguide #7999 Feature Normal Embed the complete documentation in the UI #8000 Feature Normal Remove the "Help" button and replace it with dedicated "Support" and "Docs" buttons #8041 Bug Normal samba shouldn't listen on a /32 #8050 Bug Normal Active directory integration problem #8053 Feature Low Add a restart button for jails #8059 Bug Normal User Management; Deleting a user succeeds but logs "Failed to delete group xyz: pw: unknown group 'xyz'" #8093 Bug Normal Changes desired for System->Support #8134 Bug Normal Have total disk space report itself properly #8148 Bug Low List of jails not updated after jail has been added #8149 Bug Urgent TFTP service no longer starts on FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201502210408 #8150 Feature Normal Menubar Icons are needed for Support and Docs #8183 Bug Low "Add jails" button should be called "Add jail" #8188 Bug Normal WebGUI should limit the NETBIOS name field to 15 characters #8191 Bug Normal Apply FreeBSD security advisory batch of Feb 25 #8195 Bug Normal update notification with multiple times the same updates #8201 Bug Normal Support UI in FreeNAS shows TrueNAS fields (that can't be edited or set or seen) #8221 Feature Normal Merge zfsd into trueos for hot-spare capability #8221 Feature Normal Actually enable zfsd in /etc/ttys!