ChangeLog #6994 Normal Make poolnames using reserved words work #7101 Normal Jail storage not mounted after reboot #7141 Normal FTP WebUI with TLS cert #7340 Normal Microsoft Account user mapping #7355 Normal Possible syntax error in inadyn-mt.conf (dynamic DNS) #7380 Normal Shadow copies are not properly set up for home directories #7436 Normal Need to create a default boot environment that is a "pristine install" but not boot into it #7441 Normal High CPU utilization every minute due to #7542 Normal Password Visible When Importing TLS Certificate and Private Key #7547 Normal crash dumps are broken #7566 Low Web GUI status "light" does not change back to green from yellow or red #7572 Normal Notify user of available updates for 9.3 #7586 Normal Hostname (or any form of id) missing in e-mail notification #7588 Normal Disabling NFSv4 messes up NFS service #7589 Low Jail advanced configuration has an editable "Status" field #7590 Normal freenasUI middleware throws exception during GEOM config parsing if unassigned three-character device names are in the system #7611 Normal Add backup/restore feature for disaster recovery