7301 Low Make boot pool scrub interval user-settable 7356 Normal Dynamic DNS service not updating multiple hosts? Possible syntax error. 7420 Normal One of my multiple 8GB Kingston DT 101 G2 doesn't work with FreeNAS9.3, fix linked 7438 High Dtrace is unhappy (grub portion of fix) 7448 Normal Let's try avoiding an extra reboot on updating 7449 Normal Creating NFS share - volume name with spaces causes problems 7456 Low Need whitespace in IP listing in Network Summary display 7460 Normal Notify user about a failed update 7465 Normal mps firmware warning 7471 Low Hint text is incomplete on Email screen 7480 Normal Traceback on OperationalError 7487 Normal Unable to savedebug 7488 Normal ix-diagnose should be more resilient in the face of possible execution errors 7495 Normal Updating incorrectly indicates it failed 7511 Normal multipath creation is not ordered by the device names