ChangeLog 91b31a2 OK, time to nuke it again for nightlies. cd6142a Warn the system will reboot to upload a config d2b9781 See if CHANGELOG working now with a new ChangeLog (accurate even). 1dfaf4d Reverted #8325 0423ef7 Use syslog-compatible flags for logging. cda555c Don't test same value twice. 0170f3f Add fio to the build. 4210d41 Unfortunately we cannot yet call a .py file with /bin/sh! 5d9c1bf quietstop should be quietstart for this script 50431fe Having the fully qualified AD hostname is required for AD DNS to update b1fe072 Meh 8c6b112 Remove some extra and superfluous quotes that seem to confuse the shell (weird) when doing boolean expressions. 58a2804 Reload networkgeneral on interface change and start ix-resolv 0b86e22 Do not use rc tunables that are not enabled a8554cb Add the telemetry files to the freenas-files package 0a4768b Add manpages to the FreeNAS image. 1c2bbee Make sure the cron is silient. 047677d While style/formating should not be part of syntax. Wrong indenting here broke the entire parser. d371871 Telemetry, gather and send to IX.