FreeNAS 11.0 正式版来了

2017-6-16 14:15 Herald 8285 FreeNAS新版本

昨天早上才睁开眼睛就看到一封闪亮亮的邮件,标题上书“FreeNAS 11.0 正式版来了”!

本以为它会有全新的UI界面和华丽丽的操作体验,但装好以后发现除了版本号以外,似乎与 FreeNAS 9.10 没什么区别。


  • 底层系统更新至 FreeBSD 11-STABLE
  • 更新 ZFS 版本 Feature Flags
  • Ports 版本的 SSH 已更新至 7.4p1 依据 CVE-2016-10012。请使用 /usr/local/bin/ssh 和 /usr/local/bin/sshd 二进制文件。
  • Python 版本更新至 3.6.1.
  • 用于 LSI/Avago/Broadcom 9305-8i、9305-16i 和 9305-24i 主机适配器的 sas3flash 固件更新工具已经更新至最新版本。
  • 增加 Zerotier 分布式网络管理程序
  • The mrsas(4) driver is loaded by default for the Dell PERC H330, Dell PERC H730, and other controllers which are supported by both the mrsas(4) and mfi(4) drivers.
  • Drivers for PMC Adaptec host bus adapters have been added with the pmspcv(4) driver.
  • 对于没有键盘和显示的设备,安装器 可以通过串口运行。
  • 登录框 增加链接,用户可以点击体验 Angular-based 全新用户界面。
  • An option to save the encryption seed has been added to the System Save Config button.
  • 系统更新 Email 通知由每天发送一次改为仅发送一次。
  • A new Alert Services section in System → Alert Services makes it possible to send important alerts through external services, including AWS-SNS, Hipchat, InfluxDB, Slack, Mattermost, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, and VictorOps.
  • 加密卷改用 AES-256 算法
  • An experimental Active Directory Enable Monitoring option has been added. When enabled, this restarts the Active Directory service after a temporary loss of communications with an Active Directory server. Previously, a loss of communications with the AD server would stop the Active Directory service, requiring a manual restart. At present, this experimental feature is recommended only for testing in non-production environments. Please submit bug reports at if any problems are encountered.
  • Services 界面增加一个选框,可以直接设置服务是否开机启动。
  • Plugin 和 jail 模板更新至 CVE-2016-2107
  • 新增 VMs (Virtual Machines) 功能,基于 bhyve(8),提供对 BSDs (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD)、Linux (including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu)、SmartOS、Windows 和 Windows Server 的支持。未来版本将包含以下功能:VM 模板、hardware pass-through 和 UEFI 屏幕分辨率调整。
  • Netatalk 版本更新至 3.1.11.
  • Samba 版本更新至 4.6.5.
  • 新增 S3 服务,FreeNAS® 系统现在可以提供 S3 文件共享。
  • 新增 Mosh 移动 shell
  • Pipe Viewer, a utility for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline, has been added. This can be useful for monitoring zfs send | zfs recv commands.
  • 新增 Unison 文件同步工具
  • The Alert about mismatching driver and firmware versions for Avago disk controllers has been removed as unnecessary. Driver and firmware versions no longer correspond.


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