FreeNAS 9.3 滚动更新版本:201504100216

2015-4-12 1:21 Herald 2987 FreeNAS新版本
#7076    Feature    Normal    We need to be able to rename to current boot environment
#7162    Feature    Normal    Rewrite the update subsystem to allow for updating packages without a reboot.
#7163    Feature    Normal    Add support for packages not requiring a reboot when updated.
#7164    Feature    Normal    Check that all the packages being updated do not require a reboot, and if so, notify the updater of that.
#7277    Bug    Normal    Space thresholds for file-backed iSCSI LUNs
#7388    Bug    Normal    Please remove warning from /usr/bin/su: (pam_group) neither luser nor ruser specified, assuming ruser
#7408    Bug    Normal    Use mtree to verify jail templates
#7497    Bug    Normal    LSI 9211-8i  Firmware: Incompatible with Driver:
#8194    Bug    Normal    Documentation improvement for Freenas Install
#8293    Bug    Normal    Fix a bug in the snapshotter that was causing it to fail at taking snapshots of datasets  with spaces in the name.
#8335    Bug    Low    Fix a bug that was changing replication stream compression to off.
#8459    Bug    Normal    Add the ability to recursive replicate the root pool to another FreeNAS system's root pool.
#8602    Bug    Normal    Fixes an error in the new update code for cleaning up on error during update.
#8667    Feature    Normal    Provide support for SSH Certificates
#8675    Feature    Low    Trigger an alert when the boot volume is getting full
#8707    Bug    Normal    Fix a bug that was causing files requested by FreeNAS debug to be truncated.
#8746    Feature    Normal    Use more precise exception names in the new update code.
#8901    Bug    Normal    Kingston 8GB DT 100 G2 USB stick doesn't work with FreeNAS 9.3
#8919    Feature    Normal    Add the ability to specify the medium rotation rate of an iSCSI LUN.
#8921    Bug    Normal    Creating a Virtual Box Jail with Spaces in the name causes odd behavior
#8923    Bug    Normal    Disable vulnerable and/or obsolete SSL ciphers from the WebGUI.
#8927    Bug    Low    Fixed ctld termination when connection to iSCSI port is closed before being accepted.
#8931    Bug    Normal    Add support for more than 64 Virtual Disks.
#8950    Bug    Normal    Add jails info to freenas-debug
#8951    Bug    Urgent    Fix a bug that prevented periodic.conf from being generated correct.
#8995    Bug    Normal    Improve NFS performance
#9005    Feature    Normal    Add security/stunnel to FreeNAS build
#9033    Bug    Normal    Fixes an error in a port causing each new build to have a different master.passwd entry for the user "cyrus".
#9038    Bug    Low    Fix a bug that occasional prevented the display of pending updates.
#9051    Bug    Normal    Enforce length limitations of the iSCSI auth user passwords in the GUI
#9073    Bug    Normal    Fix API validation and docs for iSCSI Extent
#9081    Feature    Normal    Show ZFS pool import progress on the console.
#9092    Bug    High    Improve patch for SA-15:04.igmp to solve a potential buffer overflow.  Fix multiple vulnerabilities of ntp. [SA-15:07]. Fix Denial of Service with IPv6 Router Advertisements. [SA-15:09]
#9125    Bug    Normal    Proper document LDAP certificate handling

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