FreeNAS 9.3 滚动更新版本:201503170630

2015-3-17 17:28 Herald 1573 FreeNAS新版本
#8305	Bug	Normal	Log flood by zfsd
#8428	Bug	Normal	PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE (beadm)
#8445	Bug	Normal	Deleting a jail with storage will delete the user's data in that storage
#8621	Bug	High	preserve /boot/device.hints when updating
#8646	Bug	Normal	Failed to start ctld
#8648	Bug	Normal	proftpd - Certificates with space in the name
#8680	Bug	Normal	Save the -updates directory as part of save_build
#8684	Bug	Normal	Samba config should be included with freenas-debug
2fd346b Change the name to nightlies from jkh-nightlies now that this is no longer a jkh thing.
25aed50 Count-o, noticed by Suraj.
b90a8c5 Prepare for beadm returning nicknames as the 5th field.

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