FreeNAS 9.3 滚动更新版本:201503130047

2015-3-13 10:24 Herald 1516 FreeNAS新版本
#7520	Bug	High	Serial console stops emitting messages after kernel has been loaded by grub
#8056	Feature	Normal	UI; Inconsistent sorting orders of selectable items
#8167	Bug	Normal	WebDAV incorrect file listing encoding
#8358	Bug	Normal	bug in multipath_create
#8403	Bug	Normal	Enable powerd (Power Saving Daemon) with checkbox crashes system
#8421	Bug	Normal	DHCP IPs not showing up in the WebGUI and are not usable for iSCSI portal IP assignments
#8422	Bug	Normal	syslog-ng config - adjust config so that kernel lines are in syslog format
#8450	Bug	Normal	Newly Created Jail Doesn't get IP Address
#8451	Bug	Normal	Typo in GUI "Restating WebGUI"
#8467	Bug	Normal	Handle get next gid exception
#8505	Bug	Normal	t4_tom.ko fails to load
91b31a2 OK, time to nuke it again for nightlies.
cd6142a Warn the system will reboot to upload a config
d2b9781 See if CHANGELOG working now with a new ChangeLog (accurate even).
1dfaf4d Reverted #8325
0423ef7 Use syslog-compatible flags for logging.
cda555c Don't test same value twice.
0170f3f Add fio to the build.
4210d41 Unfortunately we cannot yet call a .py file with /bin/sh!
37fa36f In the process of fixing up the key stuff, my OCD started to twitch at the sheer profusion of ways in which we execute scripts. Sometimes with any shell in the path, sometimes with /bin/sh explicitly (better), sometimes with no shell at all, hoping that nobody has smashed the execute permissions on the scripts in the repo.  It makes no functional difference, but GAH.  Make them all THE SAME.  My OCD feels better now.  Thank you for listening.  Same time next Wednesday?
89479ef Additional changes to support up-front key values

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