FreeNAS 9.3 滚动更新版本:201502110455

2015-2-11 23:38 Herald 2029 FreeNAS新版本
#6998	Bug	Normal	Enabling DHCP for existing jails created before upgrade to 9.3 does not work.
#7582	Bug	Normal	Created in Web GUI lagg interface does not show in shell or CLI
#7601	Bug	Normal	Reporting History Data is lost when system data set is moved to a different pool
#7718	Feature	Normal	Add custom "home name" for netatalk
#7842	Bug	Normal	rsync task with domain user fails
#7864	Bug	Normal	solaris_acl_rights - Function not implemented
#7866	Bug	Normal	Backup dialog gets stuck in a loop
#7867	Feature	Normal	Update netatalk to 3.1.7
#7881	Feature	Normal	Annotate Vmware Sync Snapshot
#7890	Bug	Normal	UPS Service; possible issue with Unicode in some configuration text field
#7943	Feature	Normal	Add Domain Controller debugging info to freenas-debug

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