FreeNAS 9.3 滚动更新版本:201501301837

2015-1-31 19:41 Herald 2895 FreeNAS新版本

此版本主要修复了目录服务相关的一些BUG,Samba 版本更新至4.1.16,并解决了iX CA证书过期的问题,修复了FreeBSD官方建议的安全更新等。

#7387 Bug Normal AD Authentication with AFP does not work
#7421 Bug Low Active Directory, LDAP signing, sasl wrapping, and problems upgrading from to 9.3
#7505 Bug Normal Fibre Channel data overflow occurs under load
#7572 Feature Normal Notify user of available updates for 9.3
#7635 Bug Normal AD connections not sealed
#7649 Bug Normal kmem space exhasustion workaround
#7653 Bug Normal 'exceptions.IOError' object has no attribute 'encode'
#7657 Bug Normal 9.3 rsync regression: --inplace cannot be used with --delay-updates
#7666 Bug Low Spelling mistake in Web interface - VMware vs VMWare.
#7684 Bug Normal Teach freenas-debug about CTL
#7693 Bug Normal System-installed OpenLDAP client is linked against an old version of OpenSSL
#7707 Bug Low Merge latest FreeBSD security advisory fixes
#7720 Feature Normal Update samba to 4.1.16
#7721 Bug Normal Editing a keytab causes traceback
#7751 Bug Normal Getting "(sqlite3), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)" all over my messages file after NT4 Directory Services activated
#7754 Bug Normal iX CA file is expired

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