FreeNAS 9.3 滚动更新版本:201501151844

2015-1-16 17:01 Herald 1994 FreeNAS新版本

#7517	High	Unable to write boot-environment
#7482	Normal	Selecting rfc2307 in the UI sets rfc2307bis in the sssd.conf file
#7437	Normal	Add Resource to Detach a Volume in the API
cf4f77e Fix overflow bug from r248577, turning 30s TRIM timeout into ~4s.

a4dedf1 Reimplement TRIM throttling added in r248577.
2367c00 Skip extra bcopy() when scrubbing vdev without redundancy.
956df14 When aggregating TRIM segments, move the new one to the list end.
6ec6506 Add LBA as secondary sort key for synchronous I/O requests.
b781652 Use new optimized dmu_read_uio_dbuf() for ZVOLs in device mode.

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